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Mindfulness Meditation

We all have within us the possibility of a peaceful presence. Mindfulness meditation is a way of making that possibility become an every day experience.

Daily mindfulness and compassion meditations are opportunities to come out of the bad habit of stressful living and back in to our innate well-being.

The more we practice the easier life becomes and our own unique presence has a chance to flourish in the world.

Classes & Retreats in Co Donegal

Throughout the year you can come to weekly classes, one-to-ones and retreats.

Special introductory sessions are provided for staff in education, healthcare and community groups wanting to integrate mindfulness into their daily routine.

Mindfulness for Youth for secondary school students and youth groups is available throughout the year.

Inner Haven News 2015

12 Sept - Read my latest blog The Shift to Mindfulness
31 Aug - The Haven crowd funding campaign has been launched!
15 July - I will be on silent personal retreat 16 - 19 July so not contactable and will return messages on the Monday

Life Aflow: Blog

12 Sept: Read the latest Blog Post
The Shift to Mindfulness

Weekly Classes
in Letterkenny


Experienced drop-in

Tues 630 - 730pm

Sept - Dec


Mindfulness Day

Sunday 13th December

10am - 4pm

4-wk courses

5 Nov - Thurs 630 - 730pm

25 Nov - Weds 1030-1130 am

Booking is essential
for 4wk courses!

The Haven
Meditation Centre & Honeybee Sanctuary

A 2-month fund-raising campaign has been launched to set up The Haven in Glenties, County Donegal.

Watch this video to learn more.

Watch The Haven Video Now

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