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Mindfulness Meditation

We all know that we are happier when living in the present moment but it's not always so easy to actually BE present.

All the distractions and busyness of modern life seem intent in taking us away from our own peaceful presence and keeping us stressed.

Mindfulness meditation is a self-regulation practice that helps us stay in balance no matter what ups and downs come along.


Every Day - Mindfulness

Just as we look after our bodies in order to be healthy so our minds require care in order to feel well.

A daily meditation practice of even 5 minutes can help you maintain peace, balance and a sense of freedom in any circumstance.

The more you practice, the easier life becomes and the more happiness and well-being becomes your everyday experience.


Mindfulness in Donegal

Throughout the year there are weekly classes, one-to-ones and residential retreats.

Special courses for school teachers, young people, healthcare providers, carers, and others are run in conjunction with Donegal's Education Centre, Youth Service, Education & Training Boards and other groups.

The Mindfulness in Schools training for secondary school students and youth groups ages 12 - 19yrs is available throughout the year.


Inner Haven News

30 Jan - I am not contactable now until Mon 2 Feb
29 Jan - Drop-in cancelled tonight due to snow
28 Jan - January weekend retreat is now Full

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Drop-in Classes

Co Donegal


7 - 8pm


30 Jan - 1 Feb 2015


7 - 8 pm


27 - 29 Mar 2015

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"It was so different to anything I have experienced and yet so natural.
Afterwards I felt so calm and energised..." Michael

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