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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is the natural quality we all possess that clears away stress and makes inner peace our main experience.

We are not designed to experience the high levels of stressful thoughts and feelings prevalent in todays world. By practising mindfulness meditation we ease ourselves out of this overwhelming stress and into peace.

In just a few weeks of daily meditation for even 5 minutes a day you can relax, focus and experience lasting long-term contentment.

Classes & Retreats in Co Donegal

Throughout the year you can come to Weekly Classes, One-to-Ones and Retreats.

Special Introductory Sessions are provided for staff in education, healthcare and community groups wanting to integrate mindfulness into their daily routine.

Mindfulness for Youth for secondary school students and youth groups is available throughout the year. Mindfulness for School Teachers is run in partnership with Donegal Education Centre.

Inner Haven News 2016

27 May - All classes move to a dedicated new space on Main Street, LetterkennyJune 2016. See here for more info.

5 May - Look out from my mindfulness + self-care articles in the Donegal Democrat over the next 6 months.

2 May - My new book A Peaceful Life is Possible is finished. I am welcoming a good publishing deal.





Mindfulness Courses


4 - week Course

Thursday 7th - 28th
7 - 8pm


Mindfulness Day

Sunday 24th July
10am - 4pm


Mindful Eating
4 - week Course

Tuesdays 5th - 26th
7 - 8pm


Drop-in Classes


Classes now run all summer

10 - 11am suitable for beginners

7 - 8pm for experienced only



Weekend Retreat 2016

Friday August 26th to Sunday 28th
Ards Friday, Co Donegal

The Happy Peaceful Activist
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