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Mindfulness for Youth


Mindfulness training is available for ages 12yrs - 19yrs in secondary schools, youth groups and first year college students.

The three training options:

.b - The Mindfulness in Schools course is delivered over a number of weeks through powerpoint slides with practical exercises and home practice.

One-off - A 1 hr group session teaching the foundational meditations along with questions and answers.

One-to-one - A 1 hr session for young people who want to learn these techniques with individual attention. Uner 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Mindfulness helps students:

  • to feel happier, calmer, and more fulfilled
  • to get on better with others: students and staff
  • to concentrate and learn better
  • to help cope with stress and anxiety

What is .b?

The .b training is a course developed by secondary school teachers who are long term mindfulness meditators. It provides clear, simple and thorough training on skills that make young peoples daily lives more joyful and productive.

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Helpful websites and literature:

Mindfulness: A Guide for Teachers

Evidence for the Impact of Mindfulness on Children and Young People

Integrating Mindfulness Training into Education

Still Quiet Place

Association for Mindfulness in Education

Mindfulness in Schools Girl Meditating
Students participating on a .b mindfulness course

About the Trainer

Aoife Valley has been meditating every day since 2005, spending many thousands of hours on silent retreat.

She is passionate about making mindfulness accessible to young people to help them lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

For the past 20 years Aoife has worked with all ages, particularly teens, on cross-community and cross-border creative projects.

She is also a volunteer with the Big Brother, Big Sister project as a youth mentor.

Since 2013 Aoife has run Mindfulness for Teachers courses with Donegal Education Centre.

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.b: 1 x 1hr and 4 x 2hr sessions: €630

One-off: 1 hr session: €80

One-to-one: see one-to-one page

'Mindfulness for School Teachers is one of the most popular courses we have ever run' ~ Donegal Education Centre

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