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Mindfulness for Teachers

Mindfulness is a wonderful tool in the classroom to make the teaching/learning relationship more effective and enjoyable.

I offer Mindfulness courses to primary and secondary school teachers through Donegal Education Centre. I also offer One-to-One sessions for teachers from Main St. Letterkenny.


Mindfulness in Schools

From September 2014 I will be offering the .b Mindfulness in Schools training to schools all over Donegal and Northern Ireland.

What is .b? Click here to read more.

Mindfulness helps students:

  • to feel happier, calmer, and more fulfilled
  • to get on better with others: students and staff
  • to concentrate and learn better
  • to help cope with stress and anxiety

Helpful websites and literature:

Still Quiet Place

Association for Mindfulness in Education

The Mindfulness in Schools Project .b

Mindfulness: A Guide for Teachers

Evidence for the Impact of Mindfulness on Children and Young People

Integrating Mindfulness Training into Education

Mindfulness in Schools Girl Meditating
Students participating on a .b mindfulness course


Mindfulness is non-religious and complimentary to all faiths.

See a recent video from The Mindfulness in Schools Project .b here:


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